Sylpheed-Claws (GTK1)

Sylpheed-Claws - it bites! A GTK+ based, lightweight, and fast e-mail client and newsreader. Supports POP3, APOP, IMAP, SMTP, SMTP AUTH, NNTP, LDAP. Features multiple accounts, spell-checking, address book, SSL, GPG/PGP, filtering, scoring, i18n, & more

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Component Default Assignee
Filtering users
The engine for performing actions on mail based on conditions. It is used in filtering, processing, scoring and quick searching.
Folders users
The Folder System that manages messages in the specific folder types. (Use this compomnent if you encounter problems in all folder types or don't know if it only affects one folder type)
Folders/IMAP users
The Internet Message Access Protocol allowing access to a remote mailbox
Folders/MH users
MH Folder Support. MH folders store every mail as a seperate file using numbers as the filename for the message
Folders/NNTP users
The Network News Transfer Protocol allowing access to usenet news folders
Other users
A Component of Sylpheed that has no extra component
Plugins users
The plugin system to load and unload plugins, and query loaded plugins.
Plugins/ClamAV users
Scan incoming mails for Viruses with ClamAV
Plugins/Dillo-Viewer users
Embedded Dillo into the Mime-Viewer to display HTML mails.
Plugins/ImageViewer users
Uses either gdk-pixbuf or imlib to display attached images.
Plugins/MathMLViewer users
Uses the GtkMathView widget to render MathML attachments
Plugins/PGPMime users
Signature verification and decryption
Plugins/SpamAssassin users
Message Filtering Plugin using SpamAssassin to identify incoming mails as spam and handle them specially
Plugins/Trayicon users
Put a Icon into a XEMBED compatible System Tray (Gnome 2.x, KDE 3.x) showing if you have New or Unread mails.
POP3 users
Fetch mails from a Post Office Protocol Server
Privacy users
Handling of encrypted and signed messages
SMTP users
The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol used to transfer mails to a mail server
User Interface users
Everything in the user interface that does not have a seperate component.
User Interface/Actions users
Apply actions to messages or parts of messages
User Interface/Addressbook users
Addressbook for Contact Management
User Interface/Compose Window users
The window to compose mail or news articles
User Interface/Compose Window/Spell Checker users
The spell checker for the compose dialog
User Interface/Folder View users
The FolderView is the tree of available folders. Showing the number of new, unread and total messages in each folder
User Interface/Message View users
Displays open messages. For normal mail this is the mail's header and its text. For multipart messages it also shows the tree of message parts. It has a built-in image viewer too
User Interface/Summary View users
The list of messages showing Subject, From, Date and other aspects of the messages that a folder contains